Mind Spa for Mothers – 3 or 7 days


Flowers Wilt. Chocolates Bring Guilt. But a Mind Spa Can Change Your Life. 
Your mother is an amazing woman! But she’s also incredibly busy. Always on the go, looking out for others and with your best interests at heart.Sometimes it’s important to stop and think about how much our mums mean to us. How they just give, give and give, and how they love us unconditionally.So, what if you could do something for your mum that could make a huge difference to her life, something unique and out of the ordinary?This Mother’s Day, instead of giving your mother flowers (that wilt) or chocolates (that cause guilt), give a Mind Spa.

A Mind Spa is a chance to detox your thinking and make your life better. It’s a way to calm your mind and bring what’s important back into focus. And it helps you gain clarity so you deal differently with those emotions that throw you off balance.

When you buy a Mind Spa for your mother she will receive a daily email for three or seven days to help her develop mindfulness skills, and giving her easy-to-use strategies to make her life easier.

Mindfulness is about being in the here and now, in a non-judgmental way. When you practice mindfulness both your physical and mental health improves. There are even physical changes in the brain as a result of mindfulness practice!

Each day of the Mind Spa your mother will receive:

  • An inspirational quote to spark a positive internal dialogue
  • An audio track from the CD “Quick Mindful Moments for Busy Women” (the 3 day Mind Spa has one bonus audio track, the 7 day mind Spa has five bonus tracks resulting in 12 tracks in total) and
  • Two reflective questions to help her connect to her inner wisdom, ease the incessant internal criticism, and relate meaningfully with herself and others.

Using the tracks regularly will improve her wellbeing, both in the moment and as she needs them, and help her gain greater perspective and deal differently with what life throws at her.

For just $29.95 (for the 7 day Mind Spa), you can change your mother’s life this Mother’s Day.

What the Mind Spa involves
Each day of the Mind Spa focuses on a different aspect of our thinking.Here’s a quick overview:

  • Day 1: Realigning what you do with what’s important (Bonus Track: The Compass that is our Values)
  • Day 2: The Trap of “When I have time…”
  • Day 3: Self-Talk & Self-Care
  • Day 4: Building in a Pause (and starting to say no!)
  • Day 5: Shrinking the Inner Critic
  • Day 6: The Pain in the Neck (Physical Tension)
  • Day 7: Cultivating Gratitude & Wrapping Up.

The 3 Day Mind Spa involves the first three days. In the 7 Day Mind Spa, there are 5 bonus tracks.

The goal of these  sessions is to gently weave brief mindfulness practices into a busy day. Your mum will become more aware of her values, thoughts and actions. It is a powerful way to detox the mind from unhelpful thoughts.

The seven sessions can be completed in her own time but I suggest she doesn’t leave it too long between sessions because it is very easy to lose momentum and therefore the benefits.

All your mother needs to access the Mind Spa is an internet-connected device such as a computer, tablet or smart phone that is able to listen to MP3 files. This makes it very easy for your mum to access her Mind Spa and to begin it immediately.Your mother can also download the tracks, when on a computer, for listening to later.

It’s easy to order a Mind Spa for your mother this Mother’s Day.

Click the relevant “buy now” button. Paypal will prompt you to add your details. After making payment, at the bottom of the screen you will be prompted to go to my website. Please click that link. You’ll be taken to a a page where you can enter your mother’s email address so she can start receiving the Mind Spa. Your mother (or the person receiving the gift) will receive an email asking her to confirm her subscription.

After confirming subscription, a welcome session will arrive. An hour after opening that email, the first session will arrive. Each session begins an hour after the previous email is opened.  Please be sure to check your spam folder in case the messages end up there!

At this time, it’s important to remember those mothers who are struggling. $2 from every sale will be donated to Women’s Refuge. Thanks for your support of those families who are in special need of our care.
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3 Day Mind Spa $14.95, 7 Day Mind Spa $29.95