Dealing with Overthinking Workshop


Date: To Be Announced – Please Contact me for Expression of Interest –  (1/2 day workshop)
Time: 1-5 pm
Venue: 80 Filleul St. 

Rumination (overthinking) refers to repetitive overanalysing of events that have happened, desperately searching for answers/understanding. We can feel like we’re going crazy with all the thinking! Research shows that overthinking extends and worsens mood and anxiety. It can also affect our relationships!

Workshop Outline:

  • Overthinking: overview, consequences, and neuropsychology
  • Overthinking with others
  • Learning alternatives to overthinking and sitting with uncertainty
  • The importance of self-validation and stilling the Inner Critic
  • Mindfulness

The focus in this workshop is on practical strategies as well as useful theory. Kumari will be releasing a CD of these exercises in January 2016.