I am a mother to a beautiful little girl who passed away on her due date. Much of my work has involved mindfulness – the practice of being in the here and now, compassionate, and present. Find out more about this album and download for free.


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Dr Kumari Valentine
Clinical Psychologist. Educator. Adventurer

Dr Kumari Valentine is an award winning clinical psychologist and teacher. Her research has focussed on overthinking and depression while her teaching has been to health professionals, psychology trainees, and members of the public. Motivated by a desire to make psychological knowledge accessible, Dr Kumari has created seminars for the public, videos, and CDs. These resources have been described as life changing and transformative.

,All CDs available on iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay and CDBaby

Availability as at June 2016: I will be focussing on seminars. developing online courses and ACC assessments.

I recommend the following clinical psychologists: Holly Hammond (hhammondpsychology@hotmail.com) & Dr Samantha Farrimond (samantha@samantha.co.nz)